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PLUST COLLECTION: New Plastic Generation

The thoughts, projects, designers, techniques, materials, everything in PLUST Collection belongs to the new design generation and modern form of living.

PLUST Collection was established in 2007 as an Euro 3 Plast SpA design brand, a leading manufacturer of traditional pots distributed throughout the world with a certified production and entirely Made in Italy.

The PLUST project investigates plastic materials’ possibilities with a new vision for the concept of king-size pots, furniture and lights that begins from its disposition in the environment: all projects indeed fit in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

This particular feature goes perfectly with the use of colored resins, light and resistant shaped by the designer’s pencils.

The collections are freed from the trends of the moment to go to a purely functional design based use of a form that both inspires and suggests new ways to decorate our rooms.

PLUST Collection is not only a product, but also a system of services for final customers and interior designers with the chance to collaborate either on small private numbers as on large contract supplies.

The manufacturing quality, new technologies and the respect for the environment are visible in every phase of the product life cycle: Euro 3 Plast is in fact certified with the best high standards of safety and security, as well as recognition for the innovative production systems.

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